1. Reading is an important aspect of human growth and development. It can assist us to improve our cognitive capability and enhance our vocabulary which is very evident in contemporary world. There are many differences between paper reading and screen reading. It is evident form studies done that we tend to read slower, less accurately and it is less understood to us when we read on screen as compared to that of traditional method of learning. Also paper learning is available to all sections of society whether it be poor or richer whereas screen learning is still not available to every household. It is also shown by some recent studies that visual learning is more effective in remembering things than that of paper reading. But it has some flaws and limitations. Screen learning can also lead to various disabilities in human body as sleeplessness, over exaggeration of mind, mental illness, eye sickness. There is also differences between learning on screen and paper but still in contemporary world paper reading is most preferred source of reading, it is evident by the fact that print media or newspaper are still read in abundance as compared to screen. Also, for learning and acquiring inquisitive capabilities reading from books is more preferable than screen learning because it provide us refined material to read and understand and in a sense, reducing our mental capability to investigate, question and then understand. Screen learning also reduces our confidentiality as many of the users read same subject written on same websites. Whereas reading books does not lead to confidentiality issues. Screen reading and learning leads to drain of mental resources which can hamper our ability to think further whereas book reading does not have any harm to brain of our cognitive capabilities. Physical reading with books makes our mind concentrated on one place at a time while screen reading can divert our mind because we have so many distractions on mobile and internet. Screen reading in some way proves to be beneficial because all content can be read in one place whereas we need many books to read diverse material. Also, there is some content which is only found in the screen platform only because there are not books available for all types of learning. screen reading and physical reading both have their own benefits, screen reading can prove to be a boon if done in controlled environment.
  2. Humor in teaching and learning can serve many purposes, it can explore the reasoning behind a statement, it can inculcate a habit of free speech in environment of learning, it induces a sense of free spirit among students and develop comradery between students and teachers beyond their formal life. It is also important to inculcate a habit of humorous teaching because it engages student in learning. They pay more attention towards teaching when they are laughing and discussing things. It keeps them wondering if something humors is coming from teacher which will make them laugh and enjoy while studying. Long teaching and learning hours without humor can make them bored of the process and it feels like pressure. Humor releases all the pressure and induce a sense of relaxation in mind. Also, teacher’s relationship with students is limitless beyond formal meetings, students thought about teacher to be a distant personality and the tends get scared from teachers. Humor can allow this barrier between teacher and student to be broken and make students realize that teacher was also a student once. Learning with humor becomes easy and it becomes inevitable part of teaching and learning. A limitless sense of bond and commitment therefore being established between the educators and the learners. Proper and constructive humor if delivered in classroom, it will tend to dissolve the stressful environment. When mind is under stress it becomes difficult to grasp anything, at that time humor and laughing helps release stress and make them happy. Some teachers have humor in their way of talking and learning but some have to come up with jokes and make studying environment healthy and stress free. Teachers with humor can raise up various issues in classroom which needs to be addressed and can’t be done with simple methods of teaching. It helps to bring content in teaching so that there is no boredom among students reading the same content each day. Humor brings variety to learning in which teacher feel safe and secure while sharing things from students other than academics. Goals and perspective of every teacher is to make their student understand the effectiveness of studying and learning. proper implementation of humorous techniques in classroom by the teachers makes it easy to learn for students and help them grasp difficult things very easily. It creates an environment of satisfaction among the students and teachers as comradery between them persist due to humorous talks. 
  3. In this interview of physician, it is shown that how evident based learning techniques are useful for students to achieve success in academics.                                                         Ques. How did you come up with the idea of this learning technique and it relevance in your own life? 


 I was an average student in school as I have always passed with satisfactory       numbers. In college I have discovered power of learning with the help of retrieval practices. It was all of a sudden that I have discovered this habit and technique of learning in college. 


Ques. Apart from retrieval practices what are other different learning which can be done by your app?

It explores the students mind and encourage them to create their own understanding and write it in play cards as it defines their feelings and understanding. There are also some options available for two coding which enables image processing along with text. Also, some other features which are included in this app is prompt learners. This will help students improve their cognitive capabilities and enhance deeper learning and confidence to reflect their understanding within their ambit of relevant knowledge. 

Ques. How is this app helpful in classroom studies?

After launch of this app it will provide a virtual platform for teachers to call upon students in their classes and learn. In this teacher can provide learning materials and assignments which will be helpful for students to learn at their home also. video presentation can be developed by teachers to make students learn with accuracy and precision. Students can also create their own separate groups in which they can call upon their relatives and fellow students to learn with videos and also sharing of learning materials can be done alongside with it. This app will provide best results for students to learn and this is backed by research.

Ques. How do you claim that this app will provide best learning backed by scientific temperament? 

This app will help students inculcate habit of reasoning and questioning and build skillset to remember their learnings. Students can add up their learning materials and assignments in their library on app, it will become easier for them to search for relevant topic of their academics. The content regarding class notes will be saved with the students so that they can learn in absence of their teachers also. For recognizing the past learning the app will recall each day about revision work for students. 

  1. Seductive details are any type of content which is irrelevant to the objective learning. inclusion of seductive details in learnings will make it worse for the learners. Learners who are studying with seductive details tends to perform much worse as compared to those who study without it. Seductive details have a negative impact or worse impact when it is presented in text or images. When it is presented with the study materials or at the end of the learning outcome. When it is placed closer to the student or placed closer to the learning material which tend to distract student. When its presence is felt in continuity on screen or with learning material. When both the learning content and the seductive details are presented simultaneously within the same format. When both the learning content and the seductive material are presented in image format and alongside each other. The seductive details can hamper our learning in many ways, firstly, it distracts your attention, in this case attention of the learners is distracted to the seductive material rather than learning content. Inappropriate thinking is developed among students when subjected to seductive learning. secondly, seductive details disrupt the cognitive capability, coherence and relevance with the topic. This blocks the ideas which develop in mind and inappropriate ideas develop in mind. Thirdly, it diverts the mind of leaner, it hampers the new skillset with the prior learnings and make mind divert to prior knowledge which is not sufficient or irrelevant. Seductive details hamper with the mindset of those people who have low memory capacity or who have lower prior knowledge. Also, individuals with prior familiarity with seductive learning show positive outcomes in learning abilities and improving their knowledge. They show a positive result in learning with seductive details no matter how much seductive content is added in their learning material. They tend to show positive results. Due to prior knowledge of seductive details and prior experience of learning with seductive details individuals show a better result irrespective of what the experts claim about this learning technique. New learners are more prone to learn poorly when introduced to seductive details method of learning. introduction of seductive details is to be done when the individual does not get distracted from the core learning, this could be done by introducing a habit of this learning among all individuals at prior levels. 




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