Beneficial Effects of Explaining for Memory


Humor in teaching and learning can serve many purposes, it can explore the reasoning behind a statement, it can inculcate a habit of free speech in environment of learning, it induces a sense of free spirit among students and develops comradery between students and teachers beyond their formal life. It is also important to inculcate a habit of humorous teaching because it engages student in learning. They pay more attention towards teaching when they are laughing and discussing things. It keeps them wondering if something humors is coming from teacher which will make them laugh and enjoy while studying. Long teaching and learning hours without humor can make them bored of the process and it feels like pressure. Humor releases all the pressure and induces a sense of relaxation in mind. Also, teacher’s relationship with students is limitless beyond formal meetings, students thought about teacher to be a distant personality and students tend to get scared from teachers. Humor can allow this barrier between teacher and student to be broken and make students realize that teacher was also a student once. Learning with humor becomes easy and it becomes inevitable part of teaching and learning. A limitless sense of bond and commitment therefore being is established between the educators and the learners. Proper and constructive humor if delivered in classroom, it will tend to dissolve the stressful environment. When mind is under stress it becomes difficult to grasp anything, at that time humor and laughing helps release stress and make them happy. Some teachers have humor in their way of talking and learning but some have to come up with jokes and make studying environment healthy and stress free. Teachers with humor can raise up various issues in classroom which needs to be addressed and can’t be done with simple methods of teaching. It helps to bring content in teaching so that there is no boredom among students reading the same content each day.


Humor brings variety to learning in which teacher feel safe and secure while sharing things from students other than academics. Goals and perspective of every teacher is to make their student understand the effectiveness of studying and learning. Proper implementation of humorous techniques in classroom by the teachers makes it easy to learn for students and help them grasp difficult things very easily. It creates an environment of satisfaction among the students and teachers as comradery between them persist due to humorous talks. 



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